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These are the most in-demand careers predicted for the future

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How much has the world changed in just the past 20 years?

Now if we look to the future can you imagine how much more everything's most likely going to continue to evolve?

One thing is for sure, many jobs are not going to be the same in the coming years. Yes, some pivotal roles will stay the same, but many are going to adapt to keep up with our ever-evolving world.

So, the question to ask then is, "Which careers are going to be the most in-demand in the future?"

In this article, we aim to help you look to the future with hope and ambition as we provide you with the careers that are predicted to be blowing up in the future.

Data scientists

Data scientists are the professionals responsible for creating methods to sort large data sets that contain structured and unstructured data as efficiently as possible.

A fundamental goal of a data scientist is to aid companies in making the best decisions in as quick a time as possible.

What makes data science so crucial is its versatility.

Data scientists are needed in every industry, from marketing to healthcare, finance, banking, and so much more.

You name it, and they probably need a data scientist to reach their full potential, thanks to the insights provided into the market.

As more businesses move to automate their services, the need for data scientists continues to grow.

Every business has unique data that needs to undergo analysis and processing, and therefore, the business will need data scientists to process that data for them.

Artificial Intelligence specialists

To many, it may seem like Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming after all of our jobs, but it is actually supposed to make our lives easier.

Instead of being the one to worry about AI making your job redundant, you could be the person to develop it.

AI is a young and intriguing field with so much potential. It is growing exponentially and requires many experts, from robotics engineers to researchers and natural language processing specialists.

Healthcare professionals

AI and other technologies are making huge innovations in the healthcare industry.

However, they are still a long, long way off from replacing healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses, which means for the foreseeable future there will always be a high demand of highly trained healthcare professionals.

Cyber security experts

With the advancements in technology and everyone's data, private information, and assets being available online comes the growth of online threats, too.

To keep everything secure online, you will need to invest in good-quality cyber security, and with that, there will be a huge demand for cyber security experts.

Cybersecurity experts have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify threats
  • Safeguard internal computer networks

Mental health professionals

Across the globe, the importance of mental health continues to grow.

Since the pandemic hit, many people have started to become more comfortable talking about their mental health, and there has been a significant reduction in the stigma towards mental health illnesses.

There are so many different mental health disorders, and different cases will require a certain mental health professional who is properly trained to monitor and treat patients.

For example, children experiencing behavioural issues should be seen by a child psychologist as they would have specialised treating kids.

Some of the more prominent professions involved in mental health include psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, nurses and social workers, to name a few.

The positive role technology has been playing in mental health is undeniable, and although the future is unpredictable, some have been concerned that technology may replace mental health professionals.

However, it's more likely that technology will be a valuable partner and will afford clinicians and consumers powerful tools to help enhance well-being.

Photo by Shutterstock.
Photo by Shutterstock.


Pet parents love their fur babies and are willing to pay to keep them in good health, and therefore veterinarians will continue to be an in-demand job in the future.

So, if you love animals, why not become a vet?

Becoming a licensed vet requires you to get your four-year degree in zoology, biology chemistry, physics, or any other relevant discipline.

Once you are qualified, you can anticipate a future-proof and rather lucrative career while helping animals.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there's a bright future for these careers!

For those of you who want to venture into one of these future-proof careers, there's no need to wait.

Whether you've already obtained a degree in another field and want to start afresh or are looking to specialise and give yourself an edge, you can take an online course with JCU and kickstart your career.