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How do I find my credit score?

When did you last check your credit score? Picture Shutterstock
When did you last check your credit score? Picture Shutterstock

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Finding out your credit score is something many Aussies have to do at some point. You've got a credit score if you've ever borrowed money, used a credit card, or even just paid some bills. Think of it like a report card you got at school, but this one's all about money.

It doesn't say if you're good at sports or singing, but it does show if you've been smart with your dollars and cents.

Why do we need a credit score?

Imagine you wanted to borrow a toy from a friend. If you've always returned toys in the past, they'll probably say yes.

Your credit score works the same way. If you ever want to borrow money, the people lending it will peek at your score. A high score? That's like a gold star sticker. It indicates that you're good with money and will help you get a thumbs up for loans.

How's the score made?

Your score isn't just some random number. It's made by looking at a few things including:

  • Paying on Time: Imagine getting points every time you pay a bill or return borrowed money on time. That's kind of how it works. "On-time is likely to be awesome for your score.
  • How Much You've Borrowed: Different companies and people may need to know how much you've borrowed. And if you keep asking different places for money too quickly, they might scratch their heads and wonder why.
  • Handling Bills: Regular stuff, like phone bills or internet payments, counts too. If you're the kind who doesn't forget these, you're on the right track.
  • How Much You Can Borrow: Everyone has a limit. This is like your money's version of a "full" sign. It's the most you can borrow.
  • Money Problems: Had a rough patch? Like going broke or having a money hiccup? This may get noticed, but everyone makes mistakes, so it's not always counted against you.

Why check your score?

It's like looking in the mirror before you leave the house:

  • Spot Mistakes: You are more likely to see if something's off by looking often. Maybe someone's pretending to be you, or there's a mistake.
  • Get Ready to Buy: Big dreams like getting a new car or house? Your score is like your best mate. Knowing it helps you plan.
  • Make Sure It's Right: You want to be sure your score tells the right story about you. Sometimes, bad credit marks can be dealt with, or there could be good marks in your favour that are missing.

Unfamiliar names on your credit report

When you look at your credit score, you might see names or companies you don't recognise. This happens because some places, like banks, use other companies to check your score for them.

How to look at your score

Score 'checking' companies like Equifax, Experian, and Illion can help you. They'll want to make sure it's really you, so be ready with some ID. And remember, each company might see things a tiny bit differently. So, don't be surprised if the numbers jiggle between them.


Checking your credit score often helps you be smart with your money. Knowing your score is good if you want to borrow money or just know more about your finances. Also, if you feel you could do with a loan, Credit24 could help with a loan up to $10,000.


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