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CREEK FISHING: Warmer temperatures mean more options, including hunting bass in the fresh water.

CREEK FISHING: Warmer temperatures mean more options, including hunting bass in the fresh water.

WHILST spring continues to prove itself as anglers’ most fickle season, she has allowed the sun to warm the waters.

You know what sunshine and warm days mean… snapper, pelagics, flathead, bass, EPs, jewfish, whiting… need I go on?

Reports are flooding in from everywhere on the coast of improved fishing and ecstatic fishos. 

In fact, the water is so warm, it is almost tropical. 

Alan Rigby of Narooma caught what he thought was the garfish of a lifetime in Tuross Lake, but it turned out to be an 86cm longtom. 

That’s the size you’d expect up north, not in the South Coast’s temperate waters. 

Still, with warmer waters meaning more fishing success, no-one’s complaining.

The Clyde has already produced some quality mulloway, with a few schoolies already showing up in Tuross.

The flats are starting to fire with the odd whiting now taking surface lures, much to the delight of those who love this particular sport. 

Flathead to 45cm have also been pinned this way, not a bad by-catch.

Good-sized flathead have been falling to baits and lures throughout the Tuross system and duskies are generally on the prowl through all the estuaries and lakes on the coast, with their sand and tiger cousins on the job outside. 

This is great news for those planning to fish the Tuross Head Flathead and Bream Tournament in March, as things should only get better between now and then.

Bass are on the chew upstream on the Tuross, as well as in Brogo. 

Twitching hard bodies around the timber is the tip.

Outside is celebrating the warmth as well. 

With temperatures reaching almost 20 degrees, even the dolphin fish have been up for a tango. 

Other inspiring reports include albacore, striped and yellowfish tuna off Bermagui, pigfish, long-finned perch, snapper and morwong off Potato Point and quality snapper directly off Tuross.

For those heading to the alpine reaches, the browns are starting to really chew, with a hefty 9lb buck being pulled from the banks of Buckenderra on a scrubby in the last week. 

Apparently the Thredbo and Little Thredbo are also fishing well.

This weekend it’s the Tuross Head Country Club Fishing Club’s monthly competition, with the Goblet Fish being leatherjacket. 

With the smorgasbord of options now at hand, it’s bound to be a busy day for the weigh-masters on Sunday.

It’s times like this that a fisho needs to give themselves a pinch… just to prove they’re not dreaming. 

To connect with other keen anglers in the region, join the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s page on Facebook or visit www.turossheadfishingclub.org.

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