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Who are you, Solly Lew?

The problem with being bullied at school, there's nowhere to sit quietly. You tend to move from one taunting corner ...

Bay Post Classifieds
Bay Post Classifieds
Bay Post Classifieds


Grant to help make history

Grant to help make history

Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society volunteer Barbara Walsh has received funding from the NSW Government to ...


Life & Style


Under review

LETTER: On Thursday, July 24 several of the shire’s councillors, mayor and general manager met with the Planning ...

Computers for Men’s Sheds

LETTER: I am writing to let you know that beyondblue is giving away free computers and internet connections ...

Time to act

LETTER: Now that the carbon tax is done and dusted by Clive Palmer and his pups, we can ...

Program serves as catalyst

LETTER: A lot of spurious misinformation has been put forward with the aim of protecting the profits of ...


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