Chloe Morello our home-grown how-to girl

BATEMANS Bay-born Chloe Morello is taking the world by storm from a room in her Sydney apartment, where she films YouTube make-up tutorials.

The beauty school graduate and young entrepreneur spends her days, and nights, promoting her channel and blog to attract more website hits, from more countries around the world.

Ms Morello posted her first video, a tutorial of “her fiercest make-up look” for a competition, to YouTube in 2007 but had no desire to post how-to videos on a regular basis.

“I was only 17 and it was when YouTube was very, very new,” Ms Morello said.

In 2011 she started uploading videos regularly to fill in time while working at her family’s Araluen Motor Lodge in Batehaven.

The following year Ms Morello began her current make-up tutorial channel, which she uploaded weekly, with the aim of making it the go-to place for women to learn new make-up tips.

Her aim is now reality, with several of her videos receiving more than one million views. Her ‘perfect winged eyeliner’ tutorial was watched more than four million times.

Once the channel attracted more views, YouTube began advertising on it making what was once her hobby, her job.

Ms Morello said her secret to success was working hard at getting to know her followers.

“You also have to let them get to know you, have fun and be honest so they enjoy watching you,” she said.

“I try not to make my videos too serious so my viewers have fun while learning make-up tips.”

Having recently taken part in FanFest, an event that brings together some of the world’s favourite YouTube personalities to show their channel to a live audience, Ms Morello got the chance to meet some of her viewers.

“It’s a fun chance for our viewers to see us live and I loved meeting some of my viewers,” Ms Morello said.

There are a number of popular make-up tutorial channels around but Ms Morello believes being from “down under” sets her a part from the rest.

“Being from Australia helps because there aren’t as many (make-up channels) from down under, compared to places like the UK and US,” Ms Morello said.

“I think the Aussie humour has a world-wide appeal.”

Ms Morello says the most satisfying part of her job is receiving positive comments from her viewers.

“Receiving comments letting me know I’ve helped them learn and made them smile is rewarding,” she said.

At the moment, Ms Morello focuses all her time on “creating awesome videos to create opportunities for travel and event hosting”.

“I enjoy doing it and hope to continue to get these opportunities,” she said.

Getting back down to Batemans Bay isn’t something she does as often as she would like, as being a YouTube sensation is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week commitment.

“I don’t get weekends so it is difficult to find time to head down,” Ms Morello said.

“I do go down (to Batemans Bay) every now and then though to see my family.”

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