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IN 1989, before an audience of 250 scientists, Richard Lindzen, Professor of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, forecast that there would be no warming larger than natural variability during the next century. It has been an accurate forecast to date, and indications are this will continue. 

By contrast, IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) four reports since 1990 have forecast an alarmist global mean temperature trend increase due to claimed increasing man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) in our climate system, of around 2 to 4 degrees celcius and above. 

To date, these alarmist predictions have proven to be overstated by two to five times the actual. 

The IPCC’s assessments rely on computer models’ virtual world estimates and the notion of consensus science.  

On December 3, 2010, I referred Professor Lindzen’s work and that of John R Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Alabama’s State Climatologist and Director of Earth Science Centre at the University of Alabama, to Minister Combet.  

His reply signed by Director Ms Amy Dumbrell on January 17, 2011, was to disparage both, but Lindzen in particular: “Professor Lindzen’s testimony on climate sensitivity is unusual...contrary to mainstream science (the IPCC kind)...and not supported by the scientific literature or consensus on this topic”.

“The government will continue to be advised on climate change science by peer-reviewed publications and the world’s leading climate research organisations”. The named list of publications essentially were copies of IPCC’s policy summaries.

Meanwhile, the so-called IPCC peer reviewed standards have proven to be untrustworthy - undermined by malfeasant IPCC’s practices and processes designed to make ‘policy-based evidence making’ - “settled science”: the foundation of the Gillard Government’s ‘Clean Energy (Carbon Tax) legislation, 

The watershed of the alarmist warmist climate change claims has been reached: even NASA and the UK Met Office are actively preparing their public confessionals. 

Whither Gillard/ Combet/Kelly/CSIRO/BOM/Climate Commission et al?

Neville Hughes

Surf Beach

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