Can we do better?

ALARMING front page headlines that include “Building approvals collapse” and “41 jobs to go” (Bay Post/Moruya Examiner 6/2/2013 and 16/1/2013) shout for residents and community leaders to ask, simply, can we do better?

Athletes, coaches, workers and managers in success-driven organisations know that those who do not ask this question, every day, soon join the losers.

Our mayor has resolutely rejected suggestions that council should find time to ask this question.

Comparisons with other Shires show Eurobodalla is losing, big time. Despite our shire’s natural advantages and near neighbour to the nation’s prosperous capital, building approvals in the Eurobodalla have fallen further than comparable Shires and the financial value of those approvals has fallen even more disastrously.

The knock-on effect leaves more businesses failing, more unemployment and less money circulating in a downward spiral that effects everyone in our district. Declining property values and reduced revenue for council need to be factored in to future plans, including the Community Strategic Plan, and accommodated in council’s budget.

We have a grim situation. We can pretend it is not happening. Or we can face it squarely and begin to turn it around. 

If Council’s senior managers were on the ball, councillors would already have in front of them a frank assessment of the problems, possible solutions, options and recommendations. But if our senior management were on the ball, maybe it would not be necessary for residents to ask, can we do better?

Don Burns

Tuross Head

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