Bins ruling driving me loony

CAN someone at Eurobodalla Shire Council please explain to me what the difference is between the old 240 litre green waste bin and the new 240 litre green waste bin?

Since receiving the new bin last year, I have found it useful to be able to use the two bins on a “rotation” basis, particularly now that collection is done each fortnight. The benefit is that if one bin becomes full within the fortnightly collection period, then the other bin can be used to store green waste pending the next (subsequent) collection.

I have been adopting this practice since receiving the new bin and, while it has only been done on a spasmodic basis, this system has worked fine and both bins have been collected by the council contractor without any problem or difficulty.

That is, all was going well until last Thursday when our 240 litre bin (the old bin) was not emptied by the council contractor. After contacting the contractor and discussing the situation with them, we were advised that we would need to speak with council as they had been given a “directive” not to collect the old 240 litre bins.

Following a subsequent discussion with the council’s waste management unit and getting absolutely nowhere in trying to get a rational and satisfactory explanation as to the reasons behind the decision relating to the old 240 litre bins, we are now left with a bin full of green waste that has to be transferred to the new 240 litre bin pending the next fortnightly collection.   

Surely it would be nice for a change if one of the bureaucratic intelligentsia at council used a bit of 

commonsense and made a positive decision that would actually benefit, support and assist the ratepayers/residents within the Eurobodalla Shire.

Robert Sinclair

Long Beach

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