Wise words from Mogo’s Year One

WELL-seasoned after a year at big school, Mogo Public School Year Ones had wise words for nervous Kindies yesterday.

“Don’t jump over the fence,” was Lachlan Darroch’s advice.

“Don’t go up to the 100-acre wood, because there is wire there, and do what the teacher says.”

He said adhering to that last one was not always easy in Kindergarten.

“But I got good at it.”

Tyrell Hyland advised that a fun day involved soccer and cops and robbers, but you had to “play by the rules”.

Blayden Simon endorsed the soccer plan and admitted he had been “a bit scared” in Kindy, but those days were long gone.

He likes coming to school and being a big Year One.

Allidia Jessop said Kindies were “a bit scared” and her job was to “say no” if they did the wrong thing “or hurt themselves”. She liked showing them “how to be good”, which sometimes meant “staying somewhere”, and not running off.

Joey-Roze O’Donnell said she was not at all scared on her first day a year ago, but takes her responsibilities to the little ones seriously.

“If they get into trouble, I help and cheer them up,” she said.

The most fun thing at school was “writing” and she was happy to help Kindies write their names.

Miri Reader encouraged Kindies to play in the playground and not to “hit people”.

Collectively, Year One denied having done anything silly themselves in Kindy – ever.

They urged Kindies to “sit on the floor and put your hand up”.

“You can’t just talk,” one called out.

“And hold hands when you line up or when you get scared.”

Oh, and “no punching”.

Teacher Carrie Gunness runs a happy but tight ship and said her seven Year Ones were glad to be the voices of reason. Her four Kindies, some very tiny indeed, “loved having the big kids help them”.

“They play with them in the playground, show them how to sit nicely in class and where to sit at lunchtime. They hold hands and show them how to line up in a straight line and how to sit in a circle.”

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