Cyclist calls for more courtesy

A CYCLIST has called for give and take from all who use the Clyde River bridge, saying four-wheeled, two-wheeled and foot-powered users could improve their manners.

Lud Krastins says he’s seen bad behaviour from all parties on the narrow bridge pathway and the road and, as a cyclist, motorist and pedestrian, reckons he’s qualified to judge.

The Surfside resident’s comments follow those of elderly pedestrians that some cyclists ride into them on the pathway, causing injury.

But Mr Krastins says some pedestrians walk two abreast and refuse to allow a cyclist to pass, even when dismounted.

“The majority of people are good, but there are the odd few pedestrians, whether you are coming up behind or in front of them, who refuse to get out of the road,” he said.

“I have been abused and told to get on the road. Then of course, on the road, motorists tell you to get off the road. Being a cyclist, pedestrian and a motorist, I am on all sides.”

He said the bridge road lanes were far too dangerous for cyclists.

“You have more chance of surviving on the pathway. I have had a few close calls. People are determined to get past you.

“The law states a cyclist is entitled to ride one metre from the gutter and two or more cyclists are entitled to ride side by side and take up the full lane. But cars squeeze right next to you.”

He said side mirrors had “brushed” him.

“I have not been knocked off, but I now avoid riding on the road. If I fall, one car knocks you down, the next one runs over the top of you.”

Mr Krastins said the pathway was also “difficult”.

“It is extremely narrow,” he said.

“Approaching the bridge, I watch for pedestrians coming. Mostly, I ride, but if there is a group coming I will pull right over to the left.”

He said most pedestrians were friendly, but some were hostile.

“There is no smile or greeting,” he complained.

However, some cyclists rode too fast and did not consider pedestrians.

“They won’t slow down. If you are going fast and you have a nudge, someone is going to come off.”

He did not believe the bridge could be easily modified to widen the pathway or build a new one.

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