Letter: We are in the bargaining seat

I refer to the Bay Post/Moruya Examiner article (16/1/13) on the vote by councillors to offer the next general manager an excessive maximum of $280.000.

Congratulations to the four ERA councillors who sensibly tried to reduce it to the “going rate” for comparable councils of $250,000.

Of the five who voted for the higher pay deal, it must be a disappointment to Greens voters to see their councillor vote for the excessive use of ratepayers’ money. 

The five councillors seem to devalue the quality and attraction of our shire. 

In reality, we don’t have to offer a premium pay deal to attract the “right person” here – maybe you do in isolated areas. By any standards, local or worldwide, the east coast of NSW is a highly sought-after destination to live and work, and our shire is one of the best.

It’s a poor decision to vote to pay more when the “best candidate” wants to live here anyway.

I suggest a fresh approach to negotiations with the shortlisted “best candidates”. Don’t listen to vested interests, try a reverse negotiation - give the job to the candidate who genuinely values this area and will accept less rather than more. The reality is – we are in the bargaining position, not them! 

Gary Smith, Moruya

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