Letter: Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

After a short Christmas/New Year break, Friday’s Bay Post/Moruya Examiner once again included a letter from Neville Hughes.

In 2012 he had become quite adept at commencing his diatribes with an apparent diverse range of issues, but each time he would inevitably work around to his only real topic, a denial that climate change is being created and/or accelerated by humans.

The 2013 approach was to just jump right in, praising Germany because - according to him - they’ve built a new coal-fuelled power station and are in the process of building 23 more. Somehow this proves that there is no made-made effect on the climate.

Neville, do millions of Australians a favour and move to Cologne in Germany! You’ll love it! Seriously Herr Hughes, you seem to have absorbed some education and, in letter form at least, you are somewhat articulate. 

However, you’re a “one trick pony”! Even worse, that “one trick” consists solely of you remaining completely intellectually fixated on one issue and braying like an ass about it via the Bay Post/Moruya Examiner.

Your position can be summed up as firstly denying the existence of climate change, secondly denying any human involvement in creating or accelerating climate change (should it actually exist) and finally, castigating any level of government that isn’t politically to the right of Hitler for a) noticing that the climate is indeed changing quite rapidly and b) trying to do someting about it.

You’ve even gone as far implying that the NSW Government should legislate against climate change. That way, even if it exists, it will be illegal, and naturally will cease to exist (or go to jail)!

Can I suggest you travel to northern NSW or Tasmania, where they’ve just experienced record temperatures and are battling immense bushfires, to promote your views? 

Why not head off to the places in Queensland that were ravaged by floods two years ago, or Florida in the USA, where Hurricane Katrina and the floods it caused killed around 2000 people, and tell the people there that the climate isn’t changing? 

The list of possible places is endless, why not a world tour. Take your time, at least 10 years, or just stick with the first option, move to Germany! Whatever and wherever you go, don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Doug Baldwin, Malua Bay

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