Letters: No where better than the Bay

My town is pretty good. I’ve been in Batemans Bay since 1980 so I’m not yet a local but I have been here some time. I’ve stayed here because I really like it.

One of the main reasons I have stayed here this long is that there are some great folk in our town. It’s difficult to say thank you to everyone for making my time here so satisfying. Friends, of course, are the main reason but our town has many people who make life easier and happier.

Just to mention a few who make my everyday worthwhile and in no order of priority: The checkout chicks and blokes in the supermarkets are always ready with a chat and a smile. The liquor checkout blokes are especially good. The library ladies are so willing. Finding a book for you or helping with a computer is never a problem. The schools and teachers, bus drivers and staff who look after our children are wonderful.

Our most precious shire residents are tended to above expectations. The sports coaches and helpers in the teams and venues around our town are invaluable. Our sports excel because of time put in by our fellow townsfolk. 

When my car needs some tuning or it’s rego time, the mechanics in our town don’t let me down. I trust them and they fix whatever.

I don’t need to do any bodging up or stressing over how to get the old bomb through for another year. Mechanics are marvellous here.

Insurance is something I have a whinge about because it’s rarely needed in our area. But I do know that the ladies who figure out each year’s fees do it fairly with my best interests in mind. I know because I checked it out on the internet.

Our travel folks are the best. Who’s not going to not like these folks? Booking a trip is so much fun.

Couriers are those guys who bring stuff to you without the hassle of traveling far, far away to fetch it yourself. There are couriers in our town who go that extra mile to deliver up stairs, past the dog, around the back, out of the rain.

The garbage blokes are doing a great job. They are always there. Even on Christmas they’re here to get rid of all the tinsel, stubbies, wrapping paper, rubbish and now they’ll even be taking away the trees in the new green lid bin. Okay, okay I know there’ll be an argument about this but my postie is the best. He brings me joy. Oh and bills as well but mostly joy. 

The post office ladies are terrific. They are going to be very busy soon. The lines will be almost out the doors with Christmas customers but they will remain one of the best teams in the Bay. 

I like our town’s bank girls, who help you out with the forms. It’s so much easier to do stuff online but then you’d miss out on those smiles.

I hardly go out to restaurants anymore but when I do I am stunned by what is on offer. In a good way. I feel guilty about not supporting them more often.

The council blokes/sheilas who we see standing by the Stop/Go signs and filling in the potholes, mowing the verges or reading our meters are keeping our shire looking tip top. 

The council office staff cop a lot from us ratepayers but we have a fantastic place to live in the Eurobodalla and especially here in Batemans Bay. The lady who helps you book some of the facilities like the Hanging Rock footy hall is especially efficient.

The Batemans Bay Bridge driver must have one of the best jobs in town. The bridge seems to have more than its share of maintenance during the year but our driver never gets the bridge stuck.

It must be a most difficult job but we have such caring funeral people. Probably we have all been touched by their thoughtful procedures. 

We need people who care for us when we are grieving and we have them. Likewise the ambulance staff who have to take care of our most tragic and worrying health issues or accidents.

When I said that I wasn’t attempting to prioritise I knew that of all the folks in our town who really work so hard we’d probably agree that our medical folks really do the best. The doctors, nurses and hospital staff in Batemans Bay are flat out. I know it’s a long wait to get in to see your doctor of choice but when you go to a surgery you will get great help no matter who you see. An upholsterer I know very well is also a wonderful person.

There are times when it’s frustrating to deal with our fellow townsfolk. Aussies do not have the same service ethic as other countries where the customer is really always right. It’s funny (and frustrating) to be waiting at a counter while a salesperson swabs a floor, counts some change, stacks a shelf, chats to a colleague, checks her makeup, polishes some glasses, never seems to notice you waiting, serves someone behind you. The service is not always excellent but overall our town does it well.

It’s all about the people. I didn’t get close to mentioning all those who contribute to my wellbeing but you get the gist. There’s nowhere better. 

Rob Smith, Long Beach

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