Letter: Calling the kettle black

I am not a hunter but an animal lover but feel the need to make comment about letters published regarding Gunfest.

Two contributors in Wednesday’s edition state they were disappointed in John Butcher’s sarcastic remarks and then, lo and behold, make exactly the same style of comment themselves, calling other humans “despicable and a disgrace to the human race” and “rootin’, tootin’, gun-toting folk”, comments obviously made without actually knowing any of the people involved but generalising to satisfy their own passionate argument.

How long has it been since both these people have actually been in the bush to see the damage done by these pests or even maybe volunteered to help protect it?

Right or wrong, the people involved with Gunfest believe they are actually doing something for the community, which the law allows them to do, while these sarcastic fools sit in their ivory towers thinking above everyone else because of their moral stance.

With so much desperation and sadness in everyday society, wouldn’t their energy be better spent away from the keyboard and actually out there and helping.?

Pete Ward, Moruya

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