Hot jobs for 2015 and beyond and what you need to know to get them

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If your New Year’s resolution is to upskill and get yourself out of a career rut, here are some careers that will be in demand in the years to come that you should be considering.

The occupational landscape is in a perpetual state of transformation. Recently Australia has seen the emergence of jobs that didn’t exist in their present form only a few years ago. And these are jobs that pay well for the right people with the right qualifications.

These new look jobs exist in the area of health sciences, nursing and healthcare, information technology, education, business and social sciences.

The upside of Australia’s ageing population and inflating healthcare costs are there will be countless jobs out there for health professionals.

As the country’s largest employer the healthcare and social assistance sector is set to account for one in every four new jobs created between now and 2017 according to the Department of Employment figures.

Aged care facility managers, clinical care mangers, registered nurses and physiotherapists are the most popular skilled workers in the industry.

The sector has 1.4 million workers, or 12.1% of national employment. It is also the largest employer in regional Australia, with more than half a million jobs outside state capitals.

While the department say there are opportunities for employment in all industries, half of all new positions in the next five years are expected to be created in healthcare and social assistance as well as education and training.

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Currently the Education and Training sector employs almost 900,000 workers, or 7.7% of national employment.

Over the five years to November 2018, employment is projected to increase strongly (up by 13.3% or 118,800), providing one in every eight new jobs nationally.

The industry has a relatively older workforce which could suggest that in the coming years there is likely to be relatively high replacement demand as those working in the sector retire.

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We are in the midst of a digital marketing evolution which is set to have a huge impact on the skills employers are seeking.

Employers are looking for talented workers who can understand the massive amounts of digital information available and to be able to identify threats and opportunities. Analytical roles are on the rise with companies recruiting for specialist talent in digital and data analytics.

Another tech savvy area to keep an eye on is the area of privacy and security on the internet. Big companies realise customer confidence is a premium when doing business online and will look to invest in employees trained to secure sites.

New and emerging jobs in information technology include IT project manager, business analyst, digital marketing manager, mobile app developer, front end or website developer, PHP language developer, JavaScript developer. Almost anyone with IT knowledge will be a sought after employee. There are also behind the scenes roles such as quality assurance engineer who keep everything running smoothly and as such are in high demand.

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A great sector to find job security in for the coming decade is business. The fields of financial services, operations, sales and marketing are all expected to grow between now and 2022. 

Some of the hot jobs in business include market research analyst who study our habits as consumers, then use those observations to counsel companies on packaging, branding and selling products. 

Similar to this is the role of marketing manager who, when effective, can take a product from shelf-warmer to next must-have sensation. A good marketing manager will highlight what’s fresh and relevant about a commodity to entice customers. 

Accountancy jobs are also on the rise. If you are a number cruncher at heart, maybe a career full of audits, taxes and accounts receivable beckons. 

With all the changing information around superannuation, investments, taxes and insurance set to continue to confuse the layperson, the role of financial advisor is another area that will thrive.

Other business jobs to watch in 2015 are bookkeeper or audit clerk, logistician, business operations manager, human resources specialist, sales manager, administrative assistant, sales representative, financial analyst, management analyst and compliance officer which are all expected to grow into 2015 and beyond.

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A health sciences qualification will prepare students for a range of potential career pathways in an array of health and sport sectors, in both government and non-government medical and general health services, and health research. 

In the near future Australian graduates will have world-class opportunities in medical research. In neuroscience our research capability is in the top four in the world. With brain health set to be a dominant health need of the coming century, this is will be vital.

There are predictions there will be demand for health graduates as the industry may be headed for a shortage as its employment growth for 2016 sits at 18 per cent while applications are predicted to fall short with offers at just 10.2 per cent, making it an excellent career proposition.

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Once considered the degree with no future, today humanities and social science majors can consider many new career roles thanks to an internet driven and information hungry world.

Skills such as the ability to research, present an argument, write persuasively, analyse information, communicate ideas and relate well to people will all be sought in these new roles.

Digital media is changing advertising and with this comes the commerce journalist, a new breed, part journalist part advertising writer.

Digital education will also provide many opportunities for graduates in roles such as education coordinators at digital or open universities and online colleges. New communication roles are also increasing especially in the area of social media, and managers are being hired to run various social media properties for brands and companies.

Jobs abound in search engine marketing, direct response copywriting, digital copywriting, B2B content marketing, technical writing, public relations, corporate blogging, ecommerce analyst,  communications officer, grant and proposal writing and brand strategist to name a few.

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