Who’s responsible for building slump?

IN his column last week, Mayor Lindsay Brown defended council against accusations that it is responsible for the slump in the building industry. Once again, his script-writers blame the state and federal governments for creating the legislation responsible for our economic malaise.

I would like to ask which state or federal government body forced this council into developing the radical LEP that alienated our rural community and diminished the value of rural properties in the shire?

Which government body forced our council to develop its draconian sea level rise policy that will alienate 30 per cent of urban landholders, and is already taking its toll on coastal property values?

Who forced this council into introducing bio-certification, another “green” trading scheme that will elevate the cost of urban land development, and further diminish the small stock of rural land available for agriculture?

Who forced this council into becoming one of only two councils in NSW to partner the Urban Sustainability Support Alliance, and make a commitment to implement a Local Agenda 21? For those who don’t know, this is a radical sustainability concept that would frighten off the toughest business or property investor. 

State and federal governments might make the legislative decisions relating to planning and land use, but local councils are given maximum flexibility within those Acts to develop plans and regulations adapted to meet local needs. It was our previous council that chose the path to “green” prosperity, and it is the previous councillors who must now accept responsibility for the failure of this approach to produce jobs or any sign of economic prosperity.

Could the mayor please stop blaming others for the state of the local economy and start working constructively with the new council to correct the mistakes of the past.

Ian Hitchcock