Letter: Cassie’s Place deserves a safe future

It seems incredible that as a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse is called, the State Government is considering cutting funding to support services for victims.

A couple of years ago the Anglican Parish of Moruya, having such faith in the service that Cassie’s Place provides, offered the old garage next to the Rectory for conversion into a therapy room for the service. Many people from the community gave so that the conversion could take place.

Today it is a beautiful, healing place for those who come to it.

Now this service is threatened by the possibility that it may lose State Government funding after June 2013. This threat ought to give rise to concern for our community. 

Cassie’s Place provides a service that seeks to restore young lives broken by the effects of sexual abuse. The healing and restoration of such young people consequently benefits the whole community as they are enabled to grow into becoming healthier adults. The two counsellors who offer this service are very capable, committed and caring practitioners. It is not only false economy to close such services it would also be a further betrayal of those young people who have already suffered enough.

It is to be hoped that services such as Cassie’s Place may be assured of ongoing funding.

Rev Linda Chapman, Anglican Parish of Moruya