Letter: Bring back the good old Medicare

Since I moved to Batemans Bay in 1985 I have seen many improvements to the town but, in my opinion, the new Medicare centre is definitely not one of them.

When Medicare was in Fenning Place, the ladies were marvellous.

I can’t remember having to wait more than a few minutes to be served and walk out with my refund in cash.

Today, it’s a different situation.

When you walk into the White Elephant, you have to wait and wait.

To be fair, there is letter box for claims, however there are no instructions about which form to complete.

A sign with simple steps would solve this problem.

Last week when I went to claim a refund, the woman who greeted me thanked me for using the letter box, as a staff member was on sick leave and they were unable to process my claim.

Now I ask you - one person ill and they can’t serve you!

What happened to the 450 jobs the town was going to get?

Oh, that’s right, they went further north.

At any rate, I have now solved the problem of poor service at Batemans Bay and it costs only 60 cents.

Take a bundle of claim forms, fill them in at home (and get your spouse’s signature on it) and post it to Sydney.

Believe me, I’ve got better things to do in my retirement than sit around all day at the fabulous new Medicare office.

I haven’t heard one positive comment regarding the new Medicare service. A possible solution could be to rehire the staff from Fenning Place Medicare as consultants.

Let our federal member Mike Kelly know of your concerns if you, too, are not happy with the service on his toll-free number 1300 659 730.

The lack of service could apply to other businesses in the building - judging by the numbers of people waiting, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Dennis Walsh, Batemans Bay