Letter: Brawl an ugly sight 

First, a very big thank-you to the Moruya Jockey Club and all the wonderful volunteers who dedicated many unpaid hours preparing the club for the meeting on Melbourne Cup Day.

A great day was had by all, winners and losers. 

Unfortunately, when we were all leaving at the end of the day we had to witness a disgusting display of males brawling near the exit gates.

Families, young children and mothers with babies were trying to exit the club and had no choice but to witness the event and wait for them to finish.

I take my hat off to the fantastic security guards who immediately raced over into the middle of the thugs involved and put themselves in danger.

When arriving earlier in the afternoon, the police presence was evident.

However, while the security guards were trying to hold the situation at bay and patrons were leaving intoxicated there was not one in sight.

For those not involved it is an ugly sight to witness.

Thanks again to the ones who tried to break up the melee.

L Allen, Moruya

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