Mogo Zoo giraffe born


Baby twin lemurs welcomed at zoo

A 1.5 metre tall bundle of joy was welcomed to the Mogo Zoo family on January 27 when a rothschild giraffe gave birth for the fifth time. 

A team of zoo keepers were on hand to witness the birth and as mother Shani coached the yet to be named newborn to its feet with her 18 inch tongue.

Zoo owner Sally Padey said she had witnessed many giraffe births, but was still amazed when she saw the shaky-legged babies. 

“I am still amazed and relieved when I see that little baby giraffe with its long spindly legs shaking, and its coat still wet, get to its feet and start nursing, it is such a special and touching moment,” she said. 

Operations manager Paul Whitehorn said both mum and baby were doing “exceptionally well”. 

“This is Shani’s fifth baby in six years and is the sister to Manzi, Binti, Tuli and brother Shaba,” he said. 

“At just a few days old it is great to see the new addition is already kicking up her heels and chasing after her much taller sisters.” 

In the wild, newborn giraffes are at their most vulnerable when they are on the ground so mothers urge their babies to get on their feet as soon as possible.

The rorthschild giraffe is one of the most endangered species of giraffe. In the wild, they are threatened by drought, hunting, poaching and habitat encroachment through agriculture. 

“The birth of another rothschild giraffe at Mogo Zoo provides hope for the survival of this unique and endangered giraffe species,” Mr Whitehorn said. 

“The giraffe birth at Mogo Zoo is very significant to the Australasian Species Management Program.”

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