Fish and gravy don’t mix

THE weekend’s weather threw a dampener on fishing around Tuross Head as floodwaters peaked on Monday morning before receding in the afternoon. 

Keen Sunday anglers who launched in time to fish the last of the clean water were rewarded with flathead, bream and mullet. 

Once the gravy-coloured water filled the last bastions of clarity they all went off the chew. 

Some folks turned their attention to the debris raft that was starting to accumulate in the eddy upstream of the Lake’s various businesses, with several boats busying themselves by towing potentially destructive trees back out to the main flow. 

Land-based anglers and interested onlookers were treated to a passing procession of potential snags that continued for two days. 

It’s not known where they’ll all find landfall, but it could provide some happy habitat for fish close-by in the near future.

Every estuary between Moruya and Womboyn, and perhaps even further, has turned to gravy. 

Anglers on Wagonga got an insight into the power of the flow upstream when a cow carcass bobbed past on its way to the big blue. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the fishing may prove challenging in muddied waters for the next little while, but all is not lost. 

Such a vast volume of water will fire up bass that may have been trapped by lower water levels after spawning. 

They’ll now start heading back upstream as far as they can go for the summer. It’s the perfect time to test out your accuracy casting and try for some quality bass in your favourite hunting holes, just hope your best snag is still in place.

Smaller estuaries such as Wallaga and Mummaga are re-

nowned for firing under these conditions too, so those who wish to chase the duskies and other staple table species still have options.

Even further up the mountains is worth a look too, with reports from Eucumbene positive. 

The trout are rising throughout the day, providing a fly-fisher’s dream-come-true. 

Morning and afternoons still prove best, with the hot tip being to go small.

The only offshore report to hand as this article is penned comes from Eden, where the yellow-fin tuna are hanging around just off the shelf. 

One vessel managed a double of 30kg models last week before the weather turned awful.

This weekend is the garfish goblet competition for the club with the weigh-in starting at 1pm on Sunday at the barbecue area of the Tuross Head Country Club.

The Christmas party will follow the weigh-in, with members sure to enjoy the final fixture with their usual gusto, come rain, hail or shine.

To connect with other keen anglers in the region, join the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s page on Facebook or visit

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