Tuross anglers limber up

AS the weather warms up, so does Tuross Lake, like an athlete before an important track meet.

More than 200 anglers will take to the lake in March for the Tuross Head Flathead and Bream Tournament. 

It’s a big deal for the town and the anglers involved, not to mention the Tuross Head Fishing Club competition organisers, and the lake seems committed to making it a good show.

Fishos have been limbering up as more reports come in from delighted anglers about their flathead forays and what was working on the day. 

Last Friday pitched up a couple of cracker flathead for club member Peter Coffey, who photographed and released both an 80cm and a 94cm beastie back to the water. 

He had success with a lure shaped like a small, plastic shrimp. 

There’s bream in the system too, it’s just a matter of finding them. 

It’s worth casting your surface lures over oyster leases, snag piles and the flats. 

Top-water lures across the flats are producing flathead, bream and whiting in greater numbers every week. 

Remember to pause for bream and flathead, but not for the whiting.

Salmon are choosing to feed in the system too, with junior angler Sam Gschwend taking advantage, finding that squidgy whip bait is productive for both these and flatties.

The best reports for the region in the past week have come from Wagonga Inlet. The system is simply loaded with bait, which is attracting good numbers of tailor and mulloway. 

Flathead are well and truly awake and on the job, but the jewies are being a little more difficult to catch. 

Bait fishers are doing well in the dimming hours, but lure fishermen are still struggling.

Corunna is proving prolific for table-sized flathead at the moment, for those keen to bring home a feed. 

For those who like to get outside, rumour has it that the kingfish are in close off Durras, and wide off Moruya. 

The fish are reportedly travelling in large schools and willing to dance. 

Be ready for a stretch though, apparently, these are “adrenaline pumping fish”.

To connect with other keen anglers in the region, join the Tuross Head Fishing Club’s page on Facebook or visit www.turossheadfishingclub.org.

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