Remembrance Day: Australia remembers

They answered the call.

Year after year. Generation after generation. War after war. 

Since before Australia was federated as a nation, Australians have put their hands up to defend their friends and loved ones ... to defend strangers they'd never met in far flung places they could barely pronounce from tyranny and aggression.

Many tales have been told of the bravery of Australians at War ... of their heroic exploits and tragic deaths.

And similar tales are no doubt told in many other countries of their proud and noble protectors.

But the true constant factor that unifies Australians that have gone to war hasn't necessarily been their prowess as much as it's been their willingness to help out... their unwillingness to allow others to suffer... that sense of helping out despite personal risk.

Today, and every Remembrance Day, we remember those who fought, those who risked, and in some cases those who died to keep us safe. Lest we forget.

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