Tomakin anglers brave cool morning

WHO would have thought anyone would have turned down a chance to stay in a warm bed or suffer a freezing morning like Sunday morning. 

A few dedicated angling souls answered the call and the result at the Tomakin Fishing Club’s weigh in was very commendable. 

There was a small increase in the junior department’s numbers as well which proved the young ones seldom feel the cold.

Snapper, nannygai and bream were drawn from the bag.

Club president Phil Boneham took home the snapper prize, Adam Martin won with his nannygai and Dale Evans won the bream. 

Although the morning was possibly one of the coldest all year, the lack of wind, and a beautiful clear sky produced perfect conditions from about 8.30am onwards. Brian Evans caught one of the best whiting so far this year weighing 550 grams clean, which will be hard to better this season. 

Scott Rigby, a junior, did well in the rock beach and estuary section with a nice snapper taken from the rocks.

He was also the junior cock-o-the-walk reeling in a leatherjacket to accompany his snapper.

The senior cock-o-the walk was Phil Boneham with a snapper cleaned at almost 1kg. 

There were several gummy sharks brought to the scale. Large yellowfin tuna have been absent, yet north and south of Tomakin the offshore anglers are doing well.

The stage is set for the club’s mighty once-a-year Bonanza Competition held over Saturday and Sunday of the October long weekend. 

The competition has grown into one of the best on the South Coast. 

There will be prizes for 18 species with commendable cash prizes for the senior male, and female sections, and plenty of angling equipment for the juniors and sub-juniors. 

The prizes will be listed on the club’s website, from September 1. 

The club highlighted 50 per cent of the value of all prizes are decidacated to junior anglers, because they will be the future of the club. 

There will also be giveaways for junior anglers who fish but do not qualify for a prize and there will be a secret weight for juniors to be won.  

If bad weather creates a white-out, all prizes which have not been won or claimed will be drawn at presentation on Sunday.

The anglers who have entered the competition and have not won a prize will be the only fishos eligible for the unclaimed prize draw. 

It looks like great weather is on the way and hopefully fishing will improve.

Rain is badly needed to stir everything up and get the food chain back on track but snapper are still in close. 

There has been a lot of activity out over the shelf with tuna and other species of game fish. 

So until next month keep those rods held high and those lines tight.

Good fishing.

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