UK pensions frozen

THIS is a request asking for your help, to get the message across Australia regarding the plight of British expatriate pensioners who have their English pensions frozen (not indexed to CPI).

This is frozen from the day they leave England. For example, there is a lady living here in NSW whose pension was six pounds a week and, after several years, it is still six pounds a week.

There are some 550,000 ex-pats from the UK and 250,000 of these live in Australia. The remaining 300,000 reside mainly in Canada, New Zealand and South Africa and all suffer the same fate, England, apart from not indexing our pensions, saves over two billion pounds per annum which is compounded by the fact that we do not use their National Health Service and other social security handouts.

We have been fighting this travesty for several years. Australia has had its budget blown out by about $150 million per year by propping up our meagre pensions to realistic levels.

This is nothing short of blatant theft and from the very people who have paid their full dues and wanted to retire to be with their loved ones or to be in a warmer climate or for any other reason.

I encourage all pensioners in Australia to join our cause by visiting our website We can easily assist you in any pension claim you may have and indeed are encouraged to do so by the Australian Government as it eases the load on its budget.

When you see the waste that Britain spends on their illegal immigrants and terrorists, it is sad to see the way they treat their own people.

Brian Tranter


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