We understand why

WE understand why no-one wants to submit a DA in the Eurobodalla Shire. We have five blocks in the Eurobodalla upon which we wish to build or renovate.

On numerous occasions we have approached Eurobodalla shire planning officers only to have barriers and additional costs put in the way of progress. 

These barriers have been so severe that they significantly adversely affect the value of our properties to the extent that we will be forced to ensure that these barriers are taken into consideration in the next Valuer-General’s valuation of these properties.

Our valuer believes that the unimproved value of the land will fall by 30 per cent. This means that shire rates could fall by a similar amount.

All properties that are close to the new marine park or affected by the Sea Level Rise Adaption Policy will be similarly affected and thus should have the right to have such restrictions taken into consideration in the valuation of their land.

Indications of declining unimproved land values can also be seen by the fact that it is cheaper to buy an existing home than to purchase land and build a home subject to shire restrictions.

Since such a large area of the Eurobodalla is affected by these new restrictions, the impact on the shire could be devastating. Council needs to ease its restrictions or be prepared for this devastating impact on shire income.

The NSW Government passed the Coastal Protection Amendment Bill 2012 late last year. This gives the Eurobodalla Shire some scope to ease up on some of their restrictions. To date, we see no evidence of it applying this new legislation.

In our case, shire conditions require the removal of 7.5 per cent of our residential cottage and we are being prevented from replacing this loss on other parts of the property. Normally you can increase the area of your premises by 10 per cent without significant red tape and cost.

Rowan Wall

Sunshine Bay

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