Sell off the airport

WHILE I appreciate that the council is slowly morphing into a quasi social services organisation teaching people how to spread butter on their toast, go for a walk, and how to put rubbish in  their wheelie bins, I am surprised at their enthusiasm for the airport.

Bearing in mind the litany of failures in all the past council initiatives - like the Batemans Bay Resort, the half–spine road going nowhere, the failure to attract Bunnings, the LEP fiasco, the losses with  CDOs, the state of Beach Road, etc, why would a council attempt to develop an airport when all we will probably hear and see will be the endless consultants’ reports?

A future federal government grant will only result in ESC management ordering the wrong asphalt, the wrong size drainage pipes and putting the runway lights in the toilet block.

Surely the time has come to start some professional development down here. Let’s sell the airport and land to a company who knows about airports and can develop it for the future as a success. It could become our flagship place!

Who knows, they even might be able to get tourists to come here!

Geoff Plews


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