Friends of Malua Bay band together

MALUA Bay is being developed at a rate that exceeds housing demand and this raises living and environmental concerns.

Council documents recognise that while land has been an Urban Expansion Zone since 1987, much of it is subject to “absolute constraints”, such as highest core habitat, slopes greater than 25 per cent and high bushfire hazard.

A council document titled Strategic Environmental Assessment (2003) states — “lands identified as having absolute constraints are considered non-development areas”.

Similar words are found in Action NE1 of the Eurobodalla Settlement Strategy 2006-2031.

Parts of this land also contain “timbered ridges”. The council document - the Greater Batemans Bay Strategic Plan 2007 - states as a settlement direction “it is essential that scenic values of settlements, such as timbered ridges are protected”.

 Residents have formed Friends of Malua Bay Inc mainly in response to council approving a development on a timbered ridge along Ridge Rd, which is subject to “absolute constraints”.

Residents are also concerned with broader issues of development in Malua Bay.

Some concerns are:-

n Approval of developments on land that could be a “buffer zone” between housing and George Bass Drive (noting the contrast where buffer zones have been preserved in Lilli Pilli).

n Approvals in “riparian zones”.

n Approval of clear felling of bushland for new developments, which creates an eyesore and allows exposed soil to run-off over many years into the Malua Bay beach ICOLLS, thus polluting our beach.

n  Noise and dust pollution created by overdevelopment - (noting that noise and dust pose a significant health issue).

n  Visual impacts of developments (as created by the removal of a ridge or buffer zone).

n The provision of facilities for developments (such as lighting and kerb and guttering) that remain vacant for many years, while other areas of Malua Bay are without these benefits.

If you are concerned with any of these issues and wish to speak out with others, please contact Friends of Malua Bay Inc on 4471 3232.

Phil Simms

Friends of Malua Bay

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