Why doesn’t someone act?

MY husband, family and I were recent visitors to the Moruya district as part of our annual holiday excursion.

Although we had a delightful two-week stay, some aspects of the environment were a grave disappointment.

One matter in particular stood out. The very well-equipped little park adjoining the local swimming pool, with barbecues and other facilities, lends itself to folk wishing to take time-out for a self-prepared meal, or just relax in the beautiful surrounds (which includes the nearby Moruya River).

On each occasion we were at the park, unfortunately for us, so were a large gathering of men (and some women) consuming what appeared to be very excessive amounts of alcohol. 

Almost directly above their heads were signs indicating that alcohol was prohibited in that general area!

Our regular intervals of returning to see if we could find a vacant table were unsuccessful, which meant this practice continues through most of the day! Thursdays seemed to be the most favoured day, but lesser numbers gathered at other times.

We deliberately went early one morning only to find a massive amount of empty bottles, discarded food, empty cigarette packets, and a variety of other disgusting items, all of which I imagine local council employees had to remove (at ratepayers’ expense of course!).

Surely this must be a concern to local residents to see this degree of blatant abuse of their beautiful facilities? It also begs the question as to why the local law enforcement agencies allow such open violation! 

I hope this situation will receive some attention soon, as this is one family that won’t be returning until something is done!

Marion Pengilly

Pascoe Vale 


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