‘Starving’ dog just a glutton!

I AM the owner of the supposed “injured, neglected” dog on Cors Parade. 

The dog in question was examined by the RSPCA at 4.30pm on February 15, 2013 after a complaint was called in by an undisclosed resident. I am happy to report that the dog is in perfect health, the injured leg in question is a birth defect in his rear right leg that has been vet checked and causes him no discomfort.

The dog is microchipped, very friendly, he has a tag on his collar with his name “Atlas” and my number, if he happens to be out of the yard. He is a purebred wymariner so hence the slender appearance. He is well-fed but, being a puppy (20-months-old), he will eat food if offered by anyone, this may be mistaken for hunger, I can assure you it’s just gluttony!

As for the wildlife, he is well trained, he doesn’t attack the native birds at the residence he lives at that we hand-feed.

If it wasn’t for the love and support from me that Atlas receives he would have been put down as a puppy due to the defect in his leg.

As for roaming around of a night, he is chained up at dark in a sheltered, comfortable area out of the weather.

To faceless, nameless animal-lover, you know exactly where Atlas lives, come and see his condition for yourself any time.

Nathan Thomas

North Batemans Bay

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