Surfer captures UFO footage

Eurobodalla resident Ben Roberts is adamant he saw an extraterrestrial spacecraft at North Durras on June 21, and that he has the footage to prove it.

He said that the sighting occurred at 6.50am at Blacks surf break at North Durras when he and a friend had walked down from Bawley Point on a “surf mission”.

“I started filming; it was visible for nine minutes,” he said.

“It wasn’t a star, I could clearly see. It was under the cloud cover and I show on the video that no other stars were visible. To double check, I used an app called Stellarium, which gives you 360-degree real time data of the sky from anywhere on the planet. It also back dates. Rigel Kent was the only star close to that area at that time. It moves in the other direction, is not as bright, and moves slower.”

He also insists it was not an Earthly aircraft.

“It was not a plane,” he said.

“There were no flashes and it was way too slow. Same for a helicopter, no flashes and too slow. I have plenty of night planes and choppers on video so I’m 100 per cent sure of that, unless they were breaking the law.”

He was impressed by the show the object put on.

“My best guess would be a plasma ball, but its movement and low height makes me wonder. It was very low, within a kilometre if you gauge off the mountain in the foreground, and its brightness was amazing,” he said.

“It usually takes me a bit with my camera to pick up the brightest stars in the best of conditions, but this was a cinch.”

The sighting reinforced his belief in extra-terrestrial life.

“I do believe in ETs, and to see one like this reaffirms that belief,” he said.

“There have been plenty of local stories of sightings in the Eurobodalla over the years. My dad and his mate saw one cruising over Mogo.”

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