Injured dog needs help

THERE is a dog hanging around Cors Parade, North Batemans Bay, with pretty bad injuries. I can’t catch it and I don’t know where it’s from.

It either has a break in the thigh or hip area, on its back left leg.

It is wandering around the properties there and there is a lot of wildlife around this area.

The dog is hungry, thin, large and has blood in its faeces. It desperately needs to see a vet as soon as possible.

It may have been hit on the Princes Highway.

I’m not sure of the breed of dog but it’s large and brownish/grey.

If this is your dog please look for it and get it to a vet before it dies.

People who live on properties please lock your cats and dogs away, especially at night. Cats can live quite happily inside during the day. I have seen quite a few dead birds due to cats passing through my property every day. There is a black cat who heads down my property and into the State Forest.

There has been a number of road kills also, so please take care.

Animal lover

Name withheld

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