From the Editor's desk

OUR article “Home truths” about the drop in building approvals in the Eurobodalla sparked a flurry of letters to the editor and much online comment.

Again the old bugbear of a “culture” within Eurobodalla council 

stifling development in our shire was raised by many of our contributors.

Today, Sydney lawyer and planner Pierre Le Bas adds his voice to that chorus, claiming council is “anti-development”, no matter what.

Try telling that to the Malua Bay residents fighting to stop a development near their homes!

Council has a difficult path to tread, approving development while sustaining the beautiful environment that brought so many of us here in the first place.

Nevertheless, there is a common thread that seems to run through most complaints and one that needs to be addressed.

Time and time again council has been accused of being heavy handed and of failing to communicate clearly.

The huge drop in building approvals in the Eurobodalla has its roots in many issues, including the global financial crisis, a lack of consumer confidence and state government imposts.

However, news that our neighbouring Bega Valley Shire Council has approved almost double the number of houses compared to the Eurobodalla this financial year seems to indicate more localised matters are at play as well.

Mr Le Bas says he’s noticed a change in council attitude of late, and that’s heartening.

With a new general manager about to be employed, council has the opportunity of a fresh start - it should grab that with both hands.

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