Electronic media over the top

EARLIER this year we saw some horrific conditions which resulted in some pretty bad fires with large property loss but the most disappointing aspect to all this is the over-the-top reaction of our electronic media.

The absolute saturation that these organisations go on with is appalling and insulting to anyone’s intelligence.

The fires and conditions were not great but the way these organisations went on they would have us believe we were in the middle of Ash Wednesday all over again. It’s all well and good to be informed but so many people I spoke to in my business, especially the elderly, were in a bit of a panic about what to do from what they had seen and heard on electronic media.

This type of saturation on any story, not only bushfires, has got to stop. People are sick to death of this sensationalism.

Now let’s look at the real reasons the fire season is such a worry these days and the answer is simple - the minority groups of greens and civil libertarians that have manoeuvred their way into authority and now refuse to allow old-style backburning in the winter months, practises that go back thousands of years with the traditional owners of this land. These are the ones responsible.

In some areas around here there are up to 10 tonnes of fuel per hectare, which is asking for disaster. The powers-that-be know this, the firefighters who have to go and risk their lives know this, and anyone with an ounce of commonsense knows this is the case and yet these continue to hold power, putting all the rest of us at risk year after year.

And before you silly libertarians start jumping up and down about my comments ask yourself this: If you are all so right in the way you are making us live in your politically correct world with your soft approach and green methods, then why is your new world in such a bloody mess with the anger, disrespectful youth, the multiculturalism that is just not working and the incredible new taxes we have to pay to justify the way you want us all to live?

I listen carefully every day and mainstream Australia has had a gutful of you and your practices and for the rest out there, stand up Australia and let them know you’ve had enough and stop talking and waiting for someone else to change it for you.

Pete Ward


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