Leave age out of it

I WOULD like to comment on an article on page four of Wednesday’s paper, concerning Lara Bingle.

I can’t believe the journalist described her friend Anthony Kiedis as an “ageing rocker”. How offensive and rude can we be about visitors to our area visiting businesses and spending money?

Famous people no less, who will tell others about where they bought their colourful clothing. Do you think they’ll visit again to be described in such an offensive and juvenile fashion?

Actually I found the tone of the whole article to be full of gossip and innuendo and, really, who cares about that sort of information? It really is the worst sort of nasty commentary that I really am shocked to see in our great local paper. Couldn’t we just welcome them to our shores?

I’m probably not much younger than Anthony Kiedis and do you think I would enjoy being described as an ageing purchaser of your paper? An ageing anything? Let’s leave age out of commentary because it’s bound to offend somebody!

Dallis Tanner


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