Some real home truths

I READ the front page story in Wednesday’s Bay Post/Moruya Examiner, “Home truths, building approval collapse worries councillor”, regarding the Eurobodalla Shire Council. The story brought back memories of building my house at Surf Beach some four years ago, with much amusement, and also some derision, at the apparent naivety of the councillor concerned.

During the handover of my home the builder said to me: “This is the last time I will build in this area and have to work with that council”. He had been totally frustrated with dealings he had had with council building inspection staff, referring to them as “self-centred” and “pedantic”.

I have so many stories about the problems encountered, that I relished telling, at the time.

My most recent experience was just weeks ago when I was obtaining quotes to construct a private garage on my property. The person whom I was talking with, who was from outside our shire, remarked “Eurobodalla Council are .... and good luck with getting an approval for your building!”.

I had this feeling confirmed by a relative who works for another council on the South Coast, who agreed with these feelings and said that they were well known around the other councils.

It would appear that the problems associated with the building approval process, at least, and our council are well known to many, with the exception of our councillors. That may go a short way to answering the question of why the building approvals have dropped in recent times; maybe the applications have dropped because of some of the reasons given above.

Ross Brogan

Surf Beach

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