Oz Day arrival for true-blue baby

THE shire’s Australia Day bouncing baby boy is definitely a true-blue Aussie at heart.

Eating and sleeping with no whingeing, baby Felix Theodore Poole’s laid-back Aussie attitude has even surprised his parents - Leah Kershaw of Bodalla and Adrian Poole of Mt Isa.

Just as most were lighting up the barbecue on Australia Day night, Felix Theodore Poole was born at 6.30pm on Saturday at Moruya District Hospital, weighing 2952 grams.

He was four days late, but his parents couldn’t be happier, especially Dad.

“It’s very special,” Mr Poole said. “I was trying to hold him in until Australia Day!

“It’s a good excuse to have a party every year and he’ll never have to work on his birthday.”

Felix is a happy baby doing what most Australians love: eating and sleeping and not making a fuss.

“It’s a bit scary – he hasn’t cried yet!” Mr Poole said.

“Only when he had a little prick in his heel,” Ms Kershaw said.

“He just opens his eyes and looks around,” Mr Poole said. “And he falls asleep in your arms when he’s done (eating) and doesn’t wake up until the next feed!”

Even his birth was relatively easy going.

Ms Kershaw said she went into labour at about noon, arrived at hospital just before 4pm and bub was born at 6.30pm.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better birth,” Mr Poole said.

Visitors, including grandmother Kelly Kershaw from Bodalla, placed Australian flags on Felix’s crib to mark the special occasion.

The proud parents were heading home yesterday afternoon.

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