Gossip Gals notch up a car park win

IT was a senior’s moment with staying power that drew the Bay Post/Moruya Examiner’s very own Gossip Gals to Batemans Bay’s underground car park on Monday morning.

Dawn Simpson and Rosalyn Allen are celebrating their successful appeal for “a couple of seniors parking spaces in the Village Centre”. 

Centre manager Kristyne Van Schieveen proved herself a good sport when she went the extra mile, creating eight dedicated spaces near both sets of lifts in the centre and six in the nearby Bridge Plaza car park.

“How good is that,” said a thrilled Ms Allen, pointing at the new green-painted spaces and eye-catching pillar.

“They are so clear and in large print so us oldies can read it easily as we drive by. I am rapt. A big thank you to the Village Centre and to all the people who read the best newspaper in the world, the Bay Post, especially the Gossip Gals column.”

Ms Allen then inexplicably burst into a verse of “Smile though your heart is aching”, but Ms Simpson hauled her back to ground with a rousing speech on their determination to win Canberra-style facilities throughout the Eurobodalla.

“I am so happy that something the seniors were asking us to do something about, we have achieved with the help of the Village Centre,” Ms Simpson said.

“They have seniors parking in all the big shopping centres in Canberra. We are just as good as Canberra, if not better. We should have everything the big cities have. We are aiming for that and we are going to get it.” 

Ms Simpson said their next campaign would be decided by their fans.

“We will have to see what people start complaining to Ros and I about next,” she said.

“They are using us as a channel.”

And what could be more proper than a Gossip Gal’s channel?

Ms Van Schieveen said the new spaces had been placed near the lifts and entrances most used by seniors.

“We are happy to give this service and to have the community be aware how important our seniors are to our shopping precinct,” she said.

 She said the spaces would not be policed, but would rely on the honesty of drivers.

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