Red Hot Chili Pepper and Lara Bingle snapped in Moruya

Moruya made Hollywood headlines this week when Aussie model Lara Bingle and Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis were captured getting cosy near the airport.

The photo uploaded by Ms Bingle on Instagram on Wednesday evening has left the shire buzzing.

The model and socialite had everyone guessing after she first posted a photo of herself near a beach, with the caption “Where am I?”, about noon on Wednesday.

The case of “where the bloody hell are you?” had many people guessing North Head at Moruya.

At about 6pm she then posted a photo of herself and Anthony Kiedis, captioned “Road trips”, taken at the same location.

The photo did the rounds on social media and was picked up almost instantly by an obvious Pepper’s fan - Lilli Pilli’s Ruby Rowley.

When she saw the post, she didn’t hesitate.

Grabbing four of her friends, they took a punt and drove out to where they thought he would be.

They were star struck with luck.

“When we saw him I screamed,” Ms Rowley said. “I said I love you!

“It was probably the most exciting point in my life. He’s my wallpaper on my phone.”

They hung around with the lead singer and his photographer, and even scored tickets to the Big Day Out in Melbourne this weekend.

Ms Rowley’s excitement was still evident yesterday.

“I could hardly sleep!” she said. “We’re like crazy about the Peppers.”

Ms Rowley said she’d always been a huge fan of Anthony, especially after reading his “unbelievable” biography.

He definitely made an impression.

“Oh my god he is so nice,” Ms Rowley said. “You’d think someone that famous would not have time for fans. But everytime we spoke to him, he’d look you in the eye.”

But did they get a glimpse of Lara?

“I wish!”

The Bay Post/Moruya Examiner understands the Peppers have been relaxing in Moruya for a few days in between gigs. 

The band’s bass guitarist, Flea, (Michael Balzary), regularly visits his holiday home in Congo.

On Tuesday night the band ate at Moruya’s Our Nepalese Restaurant.

Co-owner Robyn Shrestha almost had to turn them away because they were so busy.

“I thought my teenage daughter would kill me!” she said. “But I managed to get them in with a bit of juggling around.”

She said they didn’t want to make a big deal out of the band’s appearance.

“Flea’s been in town for a few weeks – he’s a regular customer,” she said.

“We treat them like regular customers. We respect their privacy.”

But the question remained: do the Red Hot Chili Peppers like their food spicy?

“I can’t recall what they had to eat,” Ms Shrestha said.

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