Stray sparks social media campaign

A stray cat who has survived apparently alone for years is tugging at the heartstrings of a woman on the not-so-mean streets of Catalina.

Megan Hill had occasionally noticed a skinny but healthy ginger and white cat since moving to the suburb two years ago, but did not realise it was a waif.

“I thought someone owned it,” the Jeans West employee said.

“Then we lost one of our own cats and began knocking on doors. Someone mentioned an orange and white stray and said everyone called it Jenny.

“When it came around again I noticed it was deprived of affection. It was trying to get my attention, rubbing up against the bin and the car.”

Megan fed the cat and “that was it”.

The stray was soon at home in her lap and that was when she discovered Jenny was Johnny.

“Yes, he is a boy,” Ms Hill said.

Now she has launched a social media campaign to find him a home before she moves with her own two cats to Canberra in March.

“He was really skinny, I could feel his ribs, but he has fattened up. Maybe other people are feeding him, but I am not confident because he has slept every night in my yard since I began feeding him three weeks ago,” Megan said.

“I would like him to get a home. In the right environment, he will settle in as an indoor cat really well. He quite possibly could have been a pet. Maybe somebody passed away. He is not neutered, but he is just too tame to be a feral cat. He is really lovely.”

Visit the Save Jenny Facebook Page for more information about Ms Hill’s campaign or email kerrie.oconnor if you’d like to adopt Jenny.

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