Cricketers left stumped by Twenty20 bowl-off finale

SOME of the stars involved in Saturday’s thrilling Twenty20 grand final have admitted that they were taken by surprise when told a bowl-off would settle the tied match.

There was a general consensus at Hanging Rock Oval that a super over would be required to separate the two teams.

However, after closer inspection of the rules, a bowl-off was the ultimate decider and Gavin Ladmore was one of those left unconvinced.

“I don’t know, twenty20 is meant to be a batting game and then you need a bowl-off to win it for you,” he said, perplexed. 

“It’s meant to be all about how many runs you can score and then next minute it’s all up to the bowlers.

“But in saying that, I didn’t mind because Gav Smart asked me to pad up and I wasn’t all that excited to be the bloke to face a super over. 

“At the end of the day we won, so I think it’s a brilliant method.”

Tuross Head’s Nick Mason was on the losing end of the bowl-off and, while he was gracious in defeat, he said a few alterations to the bowl-off wouldn’t go astray.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen,” he said. “People were talking about a super over but apparently the bowl-off is in the rules for the shire.

“The only different way I could’ve seen it being done was more like a penalty shootout in soccer because all five Tigers’ players went first and that puts all the pressure on the other team.

“I think it would be better having it one for one. But we still went away with our heads held high.”

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