Letter: Huntfest ‘not wanted here’

Nelligen Hunting Club president John Butcher has outdone himself with yet another letter (Bay Post/Moruya Examiner 30/11/12) ranting and raving about me and those who attempt to speak out against obsessiveness with guns, bows and the killing of living creatures for sport and pleasure.

Unlike Mr Butcher, I am not a “clueless knocker”. My knowledge of sadistic practices inflicted on animals by shooters and hunters is based on hundreds of photos viewed in the years I worked as a photographic printer. Animals in extreme suffering, displayed for the camera by their proud killers. These included many native animals and birds - too sad and upsetting to describe.

It is doubtful that little has changed since way back then (except for far less wildlife to shoot).

I was also a jillaroo, forced to endure seeing the carnage of spotlighting. With a lifetime of experience, knowing and loving animals and natural history, it is not I who is the clueless one!

The term “conservation hunter” is the zenith of hypocrisy; an insult to one’s intelligence - akin to a fox guarding a hen house! 

Speaking of foxes, I wonder how many of them Mr Butcher’s merry Hunting Club members have eradicated, when virtually every keeper of poultry is losing birds en mass. Those “big game” boys or girls who seek larger, visible targets probably ignore the lowly fox!

It would be interesting to see a copy of the Game Council’s licence test and regulatory controls and conditions placed on the volunteer conservation hunter.

A very apt saying (my mother said to me when I would scoff at her advice) “there are none as blind as those who will not see” certainly applies to Mr Butcher and his ilk. 

It is pointless wasting one’s time trying to reason with or alter the mentality of such a person, so I shall not attempt to do so again.

To reiterate, the majority of people in the Eurobodalla Shire do not want a Huntfest in this beautiful part of the Nature Coast.

 Diana Gillies, Moruya

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