Letter: Fuss over ‘bombing email’ unnecessary

RE: ‘Bombing’ email.

It’s disappointing to see Councillor Peter Shwarz targeted in this way. This is a very popular app and the clip should never have aroused such offence.

We haven’t seen any colour in our local representatives since the Wilf Reid days and I welcome it. 

Longstanding councillors should consider themselves on notice, the community voted in a lot of new faces without political experience for a reason. We want results, not politics.

Resorting to tawdry tit-for-tat comments in the media over trivial issues is the sort of carry on seen at federal level, and has no place in our local governance.

Let’s not forget, this is the same Paul Anderson who renegotiated his contract and imbursements without due public consultation and Cr Shwarz and the ERA were quite public in their opposition to this.

For GM Paul Anderson and ERA councillors to work together effectively some sort of personal relationships had to be fostered, and the fact that Cr Shwarz sent the clip to Paul Anderson himself reflects this - without malice.

Whether it was received in good humour or not, it appears to have been sent in jest. For other councillors to feel the need to weigh in on this is disappointing, it’s a matter for Mr Anderson to comment on alone and he hasn’t.

What’s truly disappointing is that somebody with the surname Shwarz used the unoriginal catchphrase “Hasta la Vista baby”, but that’s about it. Get back to work all councillors - particularly those who have worked to make a career of local politics - this is unnecessary and not the reason we voted you in.

Jim Nedwich, Congo

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