From the Editor's desk

Eurobodalla councillor Peter Schwarz may say there was no malice involved in an email he sent to outgoing general manager Paul Anderson but, at the very least, it showed a shocking lack of good judgement.

The controversial video, titled “Hasta La Vista baby”, was sent to Mr Anderson on Thursday – the day before the general manager 

finished up at council.

The video is about five seconds long and shows a missile exploding into fragments and landing on video footage of Mr Anderson’s face, which then blows up.

Cr Schwarz says it was simply a joke, a private message between himself and the general manager.

Everyone who viewed the video in this office saw it differently.

Councillor Rob Pollock described it as an “astonishingly immature” move from the deputy mayor - and that’s putting it mildly.

Given the violence and hatred gripping parts of the globe, it was horrifying to see such a clip making the rounds in the Eurobodalla.

If Cr Schwarz is happy to see the end of Mr Anderson’s tenure, that’s his personal view but there is no excuse for sending such an email.

He didn’t seem to see it that way, blasting our reporter for even considering the email news


What Cr Schwarz needs to realise is that councillors are elected to lead by example, and that’s not the sort of behaviour we want to see in the Eurobodalla.

One also has to wonder who will put up their hand to be our next GM if this is the kind of welcome they can expect.

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