Letter: A good deed a day

With all the bad things that have happened in the world in 2012, I was beginning to doubt the good in people. My faith has been restored by an unknown girl, about 18 years old. 

I was working at Coles on New Year’s Day and during my meal break I was sitting outside in the upstairs car park and accidentally left my wallet behind. About 

an hour-and-a-half later (working away oblivious to my mistake) I got a call to the service desk where my wallet had been handed in by this unknown girl.

My wallet contained a little over $200 as well as all my bank cards and ID - all was intact and returned untouched.

Unfortunately the girl had left the store before the service desk had called me and she left no contact details - I can only hope that she sees this letter and learns of how much I appreciate what she has done.

We hear so much of the bad in the world and of the “bad” youth of Batemans Bay. Well, sorry, but I now know that there is good out there and we have some wonderful youth in our town.

I do not generally believe in New Year’s resolutions but as this happened to me on New Year’s Day, I have made the resolution to do a good deed every day.

A huge thank you to the mystery girl.

Linda Knight, Catalina

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