Letter: What really matters 

IN reply to Kay Francis letter Bay Post/Moruya Examiner 24/8/12 “Walk the Walk” concerning my opinions on sport. If K Francis took the time to read my letter in context, she would see that I never questioned the need for sport. However, I did question the obsession, using up one’s youth with intensive training, pushing a body to its limits in order to “beat” another in sport. 

Kay Francis says of me: “I do not see your name in lights”.

Well, I could have taken that path (I did have the conformation and the ability to excel in athletics) but even way back then I couldn’t see the point of dedicating my days to endless hours of training, for years.  

To imply that sport is unnecessary insults one’s intelligence. Never, has exercise/sport been more 

essential than now, with today’s millions of stationary TV/computer/Facebook addicts. Without sport and exercise, one dreads to think of future health problems.

The native vines that Kay Francis sees as a threat to eucalypt forests are, in fact, essential habitat and food sources, and a sign of regeneration after years of drought and forest stress.

As for “Be one of your kind of hero and devise an exercise, plan or strategy to win the challenge of ridding the problem from the ground upward” etc… What does that mean?

The only strategy I know, is to attempt to create awareness in others, through the newspaper, about the ongoing, tragic, rampant destruction being inflicted every day on our forests and its effect on the most unique and beautiful flora and fauna in the world!

One has to at least try and speak out - for the forest and animals!

To reiterate: a sad and disturbing fact is that a large majority of Australians know (and care) more about who is kicking or hitting a ball, whilst ignorant and unconcerned about the havoc being inflicted on this beautiful country and its wildlife, in the form of logging and land clearing!

If only at least a fraction of the energy and hype expended on sport, by so many, could be diverted to a real concern for what really matters - the preservation of our eucalypt forests and their inhabitants!

Diana Gillies, Moruya

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