From the Editor's desk

It's a sad day when a few stupid underage drinkers can spoil New Year’s Eve celebrations for all those who enjoy the midnight fireworks at Corrigans Beach.

After last year’s brawl, police and the council have cracked down, completely banning alcohol at the popular park for 24 hours from 8am on New Year’s Eve to 8am on New Year’s Day.

In fact, across the shire any timed alcohol-free zone will have the hours extended to a total 24-hour alcohol ban across that period and the same will apply on Australia Day.

Bell’s Carnival has also cancelled its popular midnight fireworks display, holding one at 9.30pm instead.

Police say the watered down New Year’s Eve celebrations are designed to deter underage drinking and anti-social behaviour and create a safer environment.

That’s understandable, but when people can toast in the New Year around the world with a glass of champagne, it seems a great pity that’s no longer an option in our beautiful seaside reserves.

Nor can couples enjoy a glass of wine at a New Year’s Eve picnic in the park.

Once more it seems the irresponsible minority are being given the opportunity to spoil it for the law-abiding majority. Not a great way to start the year.

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