From the Editor's desk: Drugs

A distinctly unhealthy aspect of the fitness world was revealed this week in Batemans Bay Court when a young man was convicted of the sale of body-building drugs.

Most people who sign up at gyms or sporting clubs do so because they genuinely want to be healthy.

They also value the social interaction and honest engagement that can come with a sporting life.

Yet, as our high-profile sporting figures sometimes reveal, it can also be a world where the ends justify the means and winning is all that counts.

Clearly, a market exists for those who want to take dangerous short cuts, whatever the long-term risks to their physical and mental health.

Body image issues are not confined to women, but sometimes we forget about the pressures on young men.

On planet social media, where everything about our appearance can be up for comment at full volume, it is tempting to reach for a quick fix for anything that makes us feel insecure.

It is not easy growing up in a world where violence is glorified in films and games and alpha males appear to rule.

But artificial muscle is not the answer for men, anymore than trying to look 18 is going to work for anyone but an 18-year-old woman.

Accepting ourselves and our own limits, whatever age we are, while doing the best we can to be healthy, is a more enduring path to self-worth.

Faking it is never going to make you feel good.

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