Banned for life from owning animals

A 44-year-old Mogo man was convicted, in his absence, of eight animal-related charges at Batemans Bay Local Court on Monday.

Gavin Daniel Shepheard, of Goldfields Drive, Jeremadra, was found guilty of failing to provide proper and sufficient feed for an animal, six charges of being in charge of an animal and failing to provide veterinary treatment and one charge of committing an act of cruelty to an animal.

Mr Shepheard, who the court was told has a sleeping disorder, turned up at the courthouse later in the day, but the case had already been heard and a Section 25 warrant issued.

He is now banned for life from owning any animals, except for one cockatoo in his possession. All other animals in his care have already been seized by the RSPCA.

Police facts state that RSPCA inspectors went to Mr Shepheard’s Mogo property on June 13 and found several cattle dogs chained to old vehicles, two of them with the chains embedded in their necks and with infected wounds.

Another cattle dog had a leg injury.

Despite the defendant’s claims that there were no other animals on the property, the inspectors found three white and tan fox terriers, then another chained up and another under a cage in a dilapidated caravan.

There were also three cats in the caravan and all the cages had faecal build-up, some as high as 40cm. There were also two roosters in pens with large faecal build up.

The RSPCA officers said that the dogs and cats were ravenous when offered food. 

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