Letter: Let your views be known

I am amazed that Huntfest, a celebration of hunting, and the brainchild of the Hunters and Shooters Party, is to be held in the Narooma Sports and Leisure Centre on the next June long weekend and every year for four years.

There was more community discussion about the removal of Morton Bay fig trees from Russ Martin Park than there has been about this even more controversial decision!

Although the decision was “legal” as the Mayor pointed out, I doubt it will be popular or help to further the image people have of a glorious South Coast region, but the only member of the Eurobodalla council to vote against the Huntfest was Greens representative Gabi Harding.

There are significant numbers of people in the electorate who believe that we should not be promoting gun culture. Australia, unlike America, has been largely protected from the grave consequences of being an actively pro-hunting nation. 

In certain circumstances, like culling of feral pigs and dogs, it may be necessary to shoot animals, but it is ugly work that should be carried out by professionals in a systematic and evidence-based way.

Shooting animals is not something to be celebrated and encouraged. What sort of message is it sending to our kids? How can a Huntfest with its images of dead and dying animals possibly be seen as “family friendly”?

Let your views be known.

Susan Cruttenden, Dalmeny

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